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28 March 2017

SEO: Seeing the Results

In previous blogs, we’ve gone through how to optimise your website for SEO, from picking the right domain name, to knowing how to write content.

Now that you have learnt what SEO is about and how to optimise your website for it, you are probably wondering how long it will take to see your website as Numero Uno in the search engine results. However, the truth is (and you probably won’t like the answer), there is no real answer to this.

There is no finish line for search engine results, once you get to the top that doesn’t mean you leave it and you stay at the top. Unfortunately it is not that easy!

SEO is a long-term strategy, and something you need to monitor regularly to stay high in the ranks. Google are also constantly updating their algorithms, so with each new update you need to make sure your website is staying up-to-date.


Has it always been like this?

Not really. If you researched SEO before stumbling across our blog and read an old website about how Google was then you know it was actually a lot easier to rank high and it didn’t take long to get there. Keywords were all the rage. So much that people would create stand alone pages filled with keyword heavy content, a.k.a keyword stuffing.

However times have changed and there a lot of other factors that contribute to how you rank, such as how many backlinks points to your website, quality content with long-tail keywords, how easy the navigation is and even mobile speed and layout. Even the coding of your SEO can affect the way you rank!

The reason why this has changed is because Google are focused on the user and making sure they get the best possible result. So, this means, a website that is trusted on the website, has the right information, and even looks right if they are searching on mobile.


But is it worth going into all of it as a small business? Especially if bigger businesses have more budget and time to dedicate to SEO?!

Of course! SEO is vital for any business, big or small, as it helps your target audience find you. While it is true, bigger companies do have more budget and time to keep an eye on SEO and can sometimes have a dedicated person (or even team) looking after it. This doesn’t mean a small business cannot do something. If you read our previous blogs about SEO and how to set it up, you will have a good starting point on how to get your website SEO ready.


Manage your SEO expectations

So with all that being said, how long does it take to see results? While there is no definitive answer to this, there is a rough guide where you can see results. Now if you are working with an agency and they tell you that you can see results within a month, then run a mile in the other direction!

Nothing good comes easy and SEO is one of those. It is a long-term strategy and you shouldn’t expect to see impactful results until at least six months into it, and that is if you keep up-to-date with Google and change your plans with it. Basic results will show within the first couple of months, but don’t expect to be on the first page straight away or at the top.

Remember to be patient with SEO and don’t give up on it. If you do, you will definitely fall behind. Your competitors are likely ontop of it and if they are ranking higher in the search engines then you will be left behind.


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