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22 March 2017

How to Be More Trustworthy

Trust is a valuable thing for anyone. If you trust someone you are more likely going to spend more time with them, trust their opinion and more. So for a business trust is very important. If a visitor views you as trustworthy, then they are more likely going to buy from you and trust your products and services over a competitor.

However, trust isn’t instant and it is something you need to work on and build with your customers. If you want to be seen as more trustworthy, carry on reading to check a few handy tips!


  1. Correct spelling and grammar: seems a bit silly but you will be surprised at how much trust can increase when the spelling and grammar of a website is right. Just imagine going to a website and there are several spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. What would you think? Sloppy spelling and grammar can make your website seem rushed, as if you do not care and spam-like, so make sure you check through all the copy before publishing it.
  2. Contact Details: it is important to have contact details on your website as it can show your potential customer that you are real and that they have someone to contact if there is an issue. An address, telephone number and email address are the standard to have.
  3. Reviews and Testimonials: When buying a product or using a business for the first time, one of the first things a customer will do is search for reviews or look for a testimonial on your website. These help a customer get an idea of what you are like a business and can show how you handle feedback. We discussed the importance of customer reviews in our previous blog and go through how to get them.
  4. HTTPS your website! We won’t go into too much detail about this, but basically changing your website from HTTP to HTTPS is more secure and can help instill confidence with your customers. The process involves using a SSL, which gives websites an extra bit of security that helps protect information. It is also something Google prefers! We go into more detail over on our Big Eye Deers blog: HTTPS Everywhere.
  5. Payment and Certificate Logos: Showing the logos of the payment providers and trustware certificates you have is a great way to get customers to trust you. If a customer sees a payment logo from a provider they know of they will feel more confident to buy through them as they have used them before. Having certificate logos also helps reassure them that you can be trusted as you passed security checks or are compliant. These are usually displayed in the footer of a website and make sure you do your research on which payment provider to go with as some have a bad rep, which can be damaging.
  6. Offer Money-back guarantee: this only really applies to e-commerce websites, but it is a great way to increase trust amongst new customers. Offering money-back guarentee can reassure a customer that if anything goes wrong or if they are unhappy, they can return the product hassle-free. Make sure you include this on your products or display a clear logo somewhere on your website.

So, there you have it! Six easy tips on how to be more trustworthy and help instill confidence in your customers. If you are unsure about the more technical points then you can easily talk to web developers, like Big Eye Deers, *cough*hint hint*cough* and they can help implement the bits for you.


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