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29 November 2016

Measure your SEO!

For any new business in today’s world, a website is vital to gaining new customers, and with every new website comes search engine optimisation (SEO) which is equally important. If your website is not properly optimised for search engines, then you could fall behind in the searches, no one will be able to find you and if no one can find you, this mean no sales, no customers, no business – and nobody wants that!

In our previous blog, we listed a few handy tips on how to polish up your website code so that it is optimised for search engines. In the latest of our blogs, we will be talking about what to do after everything has been implemented!

Once your website has been built, all content has been uploaded, and everything optimised for SEO, it is standard procedure to keep track and measure how effective all the SEO work you did is doing. There are many SEO tools that allow you to how your website is performing.

Keeping Track of SEO

Google Analytics is a good one to use and is probably the go to choice for a lot of small businesses as it is free to set up and very easy to use. The GA tool will help get a good understanding of who is visiting your website, and see things like, average time spent on website, visitor profile broken down by age, gender and location, or what page has the most exits.

Other tools, such as Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Search Console are good as well as they give a more in-depth break down, such as other websites that are linking back to your website, or what search terms are used most to find your website - great for keywords and content building!

There are many other tools that can help with your SEO and help you track how you are doing. This blog has 10 good analytic alternatives both for free or for a cost.  

If you are using any of the tools but are unsure about some of the terminology used, click HERE or a full A-Z glossary of SEO terms.

As well as using analytic tools to check you SEO, you can also install SEO plugins. Yoast is a good one for websites that run on WordPress. It's free to use and tells you if your page is optimised for SEO, giving you a checklist of how to improve it. 


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