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08 December 2016

Additional SEO Tips

For any new business in today’s world, a website is vital to gaining new customers, and with every new website comes search engine optimisation (SEO) which is equally important. If your website is not properly optimised for search engines, then you could fall behind in the searches, no one will be able to find you and if no one can find you, this mean no sales, no customers, no business – and nobody wants that!

For the past few weeks, we have been discussing ways to help improve your SEO, from picking the right domain name to measuring it. In the final of our SEO blog series, we will give you additional tips on SEO.

1. Build your links!

One of the main elements on ranking high in search engines is how many links point to your website so it is good to try and build your links outside of your website.

There are many ways to link build and below are a few tips:

  • Build your own links - there are many websites that allow you to create and share content, such as community websites or forums. This is an easy way to build up links, however be careful as some sites can be seen as spammy and this could make rankings worse
  • Pay for advertorial where you link is used
  • Get your customers to share your link! Many eCommerce websites will have a affiliates program or partner programme that allows customers to post a badge or link on their website. This helps creates more natural links to your website.
  • Guest blogging. Here is a previous blog all about guest blogging, tips on how to get started and the pros of it.
  • Natural linking - try and get other websites and individuals to link back to your website. If you have good quality content that is informational or engaging on your website, there is a higher chance other websites will link back to your website, so always keep this in mind when creating content for your website.


2. Make sure your site is Mobile-Friendly!

Over half of traffic from websites come from mobile devices, so it is important to make sure your website works on these devices. Not only that, but since mid-2015 mobile-friendliness is another element for ranking high in search engines.

Test your website on mobile and make sure it has the correct layout. Google has a handy overview on making your website mobile-friendly, check it out here.


3. Check your website speed

The speed of your website is another element that determines how you rank in search engines, so it is good to check how fast your website loads.

You can use PageSpeed Tools by Google, and test each web page on your site. If your page speed is lower than 80 it is worth making some changes to bring the speed up. have a handy blog which shows what you can do to increase your page speed. Click here to view blog.


For more handy tips on SEO, check out our previous blogs below:

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